Writing for publication

Writing for publication

This interactive workshop is focussed on writing for publication in refereed journals. Specific examples focus on writing about research into learning and teaching in HE, but the workshop is also applicable to writing up discipline-based research or MPhil/PhD theses. The workshop will give you opportunities to:

      • Reflect on your reasons for wanting to publish
      • Chose a suitable journal
      • Plan and structure your paper
      • Draft the title and abstract
      • Explore some of the characteristics of successful writing for publication

The workshop is highly participative, focussing on making participants more confident and productive in their writing. It is particularly appropriate for PhD students and staff in academic and support positions who have relatively little experience of writing for publication.


“Mick has a lovely gentle respectful way of sharing his very extensive knowledge”

The best things about this workshop were:
“Confidence building”
“Opportunity to concentrate on best practice”
“Practical, direct tips”
“Demystifying publishing by providing a clear framework”
“Very interactive”
“Insights on acceptance/rejection of publications”
“Behind the scenes of publishing”
“Advice on structure – very useful”
“Importance of title and abstract for a specific journal”
“Your facilitation of the Collaborative Writing Groups was particularly skillful and moved the group along deftly with wonderfully good humor.”