Welcome to our website. Here you will find details of the HE workshops and consultancies that we offer, along with comments from delegates who have participated in previous workshops. There is also a biography, a list of recent publications and some useful resources. The latter have been downloaded over 65,000 times in the last five years.  Tess and Sam, our Golden Retrievers, also have their own web page!

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In October 2015 I received the Distinguished Service Award from the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at their 12th Annual Conference in Melbourne, Australia, the first awardee outside North America and Australia.

I am delighted to welcome Ruth Healey to the ‘family firm’.  She is an experienced higher education researcher and workshop presenter.  Initially she will focus particularly on workshops on ‘ethical thinking’ and ‘students as partners and change agents’. See her own page for further details.

We are both excited to be part of the inaugural editorial team of the new International Journal for Students as Partners.

Selected recent publications

2017 Learning together through International Collaborative Writing Groups, Teaching and Learning Inquiry 5(1) (Healey M and Matthews K E)

2016 Students as partners: Reflections on a conceptual model, Teaching and Learning Inquiry 4(2) (Healey, M., Flint, A. and Harrington, K.)

2016 Developing ethical geography students? The impact and effectiveness of a tutorial based approach, Journal of Geography in Higher Education 40(2), 302-319 (Healey, R.L. & Ribchester, C). 

2016 Inclusive partnership: Enhancing student engagement in Geography, Journal of Geography in Higher Education 40(1), 84-103 (Moore-Cherry, N., Healey R.L. Nicholson, D.T., & Andrews, W.)

2016 How to conduct a literature search, N.J. Clifford and G. Valentine (Eds.) Key Methods in Geography, 3rd Edition (London: Sage): 16-34. (Healey M. and Healey R.L)

2015 Defining and supporting the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL): A sector-wide study. Literature review. York: Higher Education Academy (Fanghanel, J., McGowan, S., Parker, P., McConnell, C., Potter, J., Locke, W., & Healey, M.)

2014 Engagement through partnership: Students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education York: HE Academy 76pp (Healey, M., Flint, A. and Harrington, K.) For an introduction to the model of students as partners see this video.

2014 How engaged are undergraduate students in ethics and ethical thinking?  An analysis of the ethical development of undergraduates by discipline, Student Engagement and Experience Journal. 3(2), 1-21 (Healey, R.L.)

2014 Developing research-based curricula in college-based higher education. York: HE Academy 86pp (Healey, M., Jenkins, A. and Lea, J.)

2013 Developing and enhancing undergraduate final-year projects and dissertations. York: HE Academy 93pp ((Healey, M., Lannin, L., Stibbe, A. and Derounian, J.)

For a full list see: Mick’s recent publications and Ruth’s page.

Comment from delegate on presentation on ‘Students as partners and change agents’ to 25th International Networking for Healthcare Education Conference, Cambridge, September 2014
“An excellent presentation – not only was it engaging, it was thought provoking, but also encouraged transformative learning by making the audience think of something that they could change in their practice regarding Student Engagement in Higher Education. I love the way that he engaged my attention through the use of Story Telling, images that presented powerful metaphors and humour! I felt that I will remember his presentation for many years to come! It really made an impression on me as a delegate. When I grow up, I want to be like him.”